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Nike Run Dem Crew Youngers booklet

Booklet for NIKE RDCY project
November 2012
Founded in 2007 by Charlie Dark, Run Dem Crew is a 200 strong collective of creatives who share a passion for running and exchanging ideas. Setting off from Nike’s 1948 store for each run, the Crew caters for everyone from beginners to marathon runners. Run Dem Crew Youngers was initiated as a project to inspire the younger generation to help give them the tools to change their lives through sport and creativity. Nike required a 24 page curated booklet which visually demonstrated the ways in which RDCY provides mentoring and advice, along with the opportunity to explore London in a safe, positive and supportive environment. In addition to interviewing several key participants who reflected the diversity, experience and creative disciplines of the young runners, a photoshoot captured the essence of what Run Dem Crew Youngers stands for; an inspiring running team of like-minded young thinkers actively engaged in bettering their physical and mental wellbeing. 100,000 copies of the booklet were printed and distributed through Nike and 1948 channels.
Art Direction & Design: Dacre Bracey
Photography: Kieran Pharoah, Kevin Joseph
Editor: Nardene Scott