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Magic Stick Entertainment-Japan

In the market there are tons of brands with no concept. Brands that only follow the main stream fad and trends.
MAGIC STICK ENTERTAINMENT is not a brand that can be compared with these so called “FAST FASHION” brands.
With the strong background of music, we produce products with a statement. 10 years experience in apparel, we choose the finest material, function and fit to produce high quality daily wear. To make the items that will impress people in all genre, we took off all unnecessary details and made the design clean. 

Since our designs are clean and simple, it never gets outdated. Clothing shouldn’t be thrown away after the season is over.
We are not making products for mass media’s coverage. Our products are produced in small numbers for small amount of people. The choice is always yours but from our collection, we hope that people will think twice about mass consumed fashion.
Either you melt to mass or make a statement

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